10 February 2015

Over 600 students come together to fight hunger!

La Tablée des Chefs is proud to organize once again this year’s La Semaine des écoles hôtelières du Québec, taking place in March and presented by the SAQ.

27 February 2012

Peanut butter: my favorite!

I never thought I would spread peanut butter on my toast every morning! My favorite? The peanut butter from Les sœurs en vrac.

27 March 2010

Les sœurs en vrac expand their product line

Following challenging economic times, consumers are now more willing to treat themselves to little delights. As such, the time is perfect to tempt them with new, high quality products. A couple of months ago, Les sœurs en vrac did just that.

3 August 2009

Les sœurs en vrac set off to conquer the ontario market

Three sisters, one business—not a common sight in the Quebec business world. For over 10 years, Stéphanie, Natalie and Claudine Provost have been successfully running Les sœurs en vrac.

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